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The new YOKOOL Basic doubles your freshness up to 1 hour

The essential YOKOOL Basic Gel Pocket.

It has been specifically designed for the Derivative Bath without limiting your movement.

The ergonomic design allows it to adapt to all body shapes, it is 20 cm long and 10 cm wide at its widest point.

It is comfortable, lined and sewn with fabric, and soft, skin does not come into contact with plastic in order to avoid irritation and cuts.

It is tough and can withstand up to 300kg of pressure.

It is placed in your underwear; it is flat and suitable for all, once placed in the provided YOKOOL MINI Cover.

Practical recommendations: you should put your pad in the freezer separately from food, this means that it will always be ready to use.

Easy to maintain: wash it at 40°C like delicate items.

This small YOKOOL Basic Pad is very thin and not very bulky. It allows you to continue with your tasks, go for a walk or do your favourite sport.

Recommendation :

The YOKOOL Basic pack contains 2 pads as this is the minimum necessary for the correct practice of the Derivative Bath.

Many people think it is necessary to have 3 or 4 YOKOOL Basic pads.

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