Yokool Gel pocket Features

For 12 years, the Yokool pocket has been the only pocket specifically created to be used during the derivative bath

It is a fabric-lined pocket (non-plastic) made of a food-grade, cellulose-based gel

It retains the cold and does not cause irritation

The Yokool pocket does not stick and it moulds perfectly to the shape of your perineum

The new pocket has arrived! Double the cooling time!

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*** All of our gel pockets use the latest technology for an optimal freshness duration ***

Features of the Yokool pads:

  • Effective : dry and long-lasting freshness
  • Comfortable : flexible, soft, and ergonomic
  • Tough : they can withstand pressure up to 300kg
  • Hygienic : they can be disinfected and washed at 40°
  • Economical : the 2 pads pack is the minimum necessary

There are different YOKOOL pockets :

New : Yokool Coussin