Yokool in 3 questions

Warning: The gel pad is one of the 4 basic elements of La Méthode (The Method) which includes the Derivative Bath (gel pad), nutrition (Miam-ô-Fruit), sunlight and clay.

It cannot be separated from nutrition or sunlight.

What do you use the YOKOOL Pad for?

It is used to restore your normal body temperature, by lowering it a few tenths of a degree Celsius.

This technique is called the Derivative Bath or the D-cooliNway.

Our living conditions have changed over the past seventy years and our core temperature has increased on average by 6 tenths of a degree and our bodies are being subject to a permanent state of inflammation. This has led to many problems, including obesity, diabetes, inflammatory pain, depression, etc. 


An adequate diet and a correct chewing technique help the function of brown or fluid fats.

The way in which these brown fats function, which are influenced by a decrease in temperature, has been studied in Japan, Russia, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and the United States.

What are the results?

According to studies in Japan, Russia, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and the United States, disappearance of joint and muscle pain, elimination of bad fats, increase of serotonin levels, natural anti-stress treatment, improvement of immunity, and “a new tool in the fight against diabetes and obesity”.

In France, the cold is used to eliminate pain through the reduction of inflammation.

Warning: the gel pad is not a medicine. It is not a substitute for medical supervision!