YOKOOL - Derivative Bath

The original and authentic cooling pocket designed specifically for use in the Derivative Bath.

Yokool Gel pocket Features

For 12 years, the Yokool pocket has been the only pocket specifically created to be used during the derivative bath

It is a fabric-lined pocket (non-plastic) made of a food-grade, cellulose-based gel

It retains the cold and does not cause irritation

The Yokool pocket does not stick and it moulds perfectly to the shape of your perineum

The new pocket has arrived! Double the cooling time!

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*** All of our gel pockets use the latest technology for an optimal freshness duration ***

The derivative bath, who is it for and why should I do it?

Who is the derivative bath designed for?

Up to 150 years old, for both men and women!

Our living conditions have changed over the past seventy years and our core temperature has increased on average by 6 tenths of a degree and our bodies are being subject to a permanent state of inflammation. This has led to many problems: obesity, diabetes, inflammatory pain, depression, etc.

You get the best with YOKOOL, the original and authentic cooling pocket designed specifically for use in the Derivative Bath!

The unique YOKOOL® cooling pocket has been ergonomically designed and complies with the strictest health regulations. It has revolutionised this technique and made it accessible to everyone.

What are the benefits of the derivative bath?

  • Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Improve sleep and restore skin tone
  • Cool down in warm temperatures (heatwave, blushing...)
  • Strengthen your immunity
  • Improve your resilience against the cold. If you are always cold, it may indicate that your core temperature is too high
  • Increase serotonin levels. Our natural anti-stress treatment
  • Eliminate thick fat by circulating the fluid or brown fat
  • Tone your body
  • Protect yourself from obesity and type 2 diabetes
Who is Yokool

Yokool’s story

We are the first and only manufacturers of cooling pockets that are designed specifically for Derivative Baths. We have been developing our YOKOOL range for 12 years to satisfy the needs of our customers.

In the past, Derivative Baths had to be practised in a bidet or over a bucket. It was a long process and you could not do anything at the same time... 

We tried different gel pockets, there are lots of variations, sizes, colours, made of plastic, more or less resistance, and occasionally they break, which releases the gel that then sticks and stains. Having all of this in our underwear made us walk like ducks. Not discrete at all!

Finally, it occurred to us that we should create a fabric pad that is washable, ergonomic, comfortable, long-lasting, and discrete, and can be worn by men as well as women.

Our objective is to produce a product that complies with the strictest health regulations to make it portable and accessible to everyone.

Questions about Yokool and the Derivative Bath

How much will I be charged for international shipping?


€12 per delivery

Is the Derivative Bath medicinal?

The Yokool Derivative Bath is not a medicine, neither traditional nor modern, neither alternative nor exotic, nor ying nor yang medicine. It does not cure or heal.

It is a form of natural, universal life. The Derivative Bath is no more dangerous than walking around for a few hours a day with nothing under your kilt, a djellaba, sarong, skirt, or ventilated trousers.

Who is the YOKOOL Gel Pocket designed for?

It is unisex and ergonomic; therefore, it is suited to this part of the body

What is the YOKOOL Special Pocket and why should I use it?

For any questions related to the YOKOOL Gel Pads, take a look at Yokool in three questions

Last reviews

By Rebecca R. on 13 June 2023 :
Product rated : Yokool Basic Pack J'ai commencé à utiliser les pockets il y a 3 ans. Produits de qualité.
By Louise N. on 17 May 2022 :
Product rated : Yokool Basic Pack Tout y est, efficace, c'est parfait!
By Suzanne S. on 16 March 2021 :
Product rated : Yokool Basic Pack Very nice piece, they stay in place nicely

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