The method

Against inflammation, which manifests itself by an increase in internal temperature, there has always been a cooling of the perineum by applying cold water.

However, our current way of life would impose on us so many hours a day that nobody would do it any more.

The creation of the special fresh YOKOOL® pouch, ergonomic with the best sanitary standards, has revolutionized the practice of this technique, making it accessible to all.

The YOKOOL® pocket can be used at any time of the day and night.

Against oxidation, a diet comprising a majority of raw fresh fruit, and good raw oils, in the forms of Miam-ô-Fruit® and Miam-ô-5®


LE BAIN DERIVATIF® or Yokool Pocket® is neither a medicine nor a medicine of any kind, neither gentle nor exotic.

He does not heal and does not heal.

It simply helps restore internal temperature by suppressing the inflammatory state.

It is ONE of the inseparable elements of The Method which includes the diet which allows the body to manufacture brown fats and the use of sunlight.

He does not exempt from the supervision of the doctor.

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