Why should I choose Yokool pockets?

YOKOOL is the only tool suitable for Derivative Baths

- Comfortable: lined and sewn with fabric, and soft, skin does not come into contact with plastic in order to avoid irritation and cuts.

- Flexible: adapts to your body shape perfectly.

- Ergonomic: designed specifically for the derivative bath.

- Discreet: gel remains evenly distributed when you move.

- Effective: a dry and long-lasting freshness without moisture.

- Composition: it is non-toxic and does not contain dyes‌, it comprises of a cellulose, sodium, and distilled water base. 

- Tough: can withstand pressure up to 300kg

- Long-lasting: if you take care of your YOKOOL Gel Pad, it will last at least as long as your underwear.

12 years of experience allow us to offer you our YOKOOL range:

Yokool Ucansit for when you are sitting down.

Yokool Nuit 6 hours of overnight freshness.

Yokool Coussin 10 hours of freshness in the office, the car, etc.

Yokool Ice for when you are on the go…

And of course, the Yokool Basic, essential for everyday use.

=> Yokool is your ideal partner for the derivative bath throughout the day.

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