Jar 1 (2 tablespoons)

Half sesame seeds, half flax seeds.

Grind finely. 

Jar 2 (1 tablespoon)

At least 3 different seeds from the following:

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, etc.

Explanation of the Miam-Ô-Fruit recipe

Grind the oil seeds (not toasted, salted, or hydrated) in the electric grinder.

Store the jars in the bottom of the fridge for no longer than a week.

After a week, eat whatever is left as part of a salad.

Do not keep it for the following week, as it will oxidise.

  1. 1/2 BANANA: mash with a fork until it is a smooth purée.
  2. 2 level tablespoons of rapeseed oil or FLAXSEED oil: emulsify with the banana purée, the oil should disappear like when making mayonnaise.
  3. OIL SEEDS: 2 level tablespoons from jar 1 and 1 level tablespoon from jar 2 (spoons are levelled to avoid irritating the intestine).
  4. THE JUICE OF 1/2 A LEMON, freshly squeezed, equivalent to two teaspoons of lemon juice (large lemon).
  5. Add at least 3 different CHOPPED FRUITS to the mixture. Do not use orange, grapefruit, watermelon, or melon; they are digested too quickly, but they can be consumed alone at another time. Do not use dehydrated fruit, this includes plums and raisins as they are sun-dried. It should not resemble animal feed! Create an appetising dish! You may add fresh pollen or honey.

Note: The MIAM-ô-FRUIT can be turned into a smoothie and drunk through a straw. Add two fingers of water to the blender to give it a more liquid consistency (avoid using plant milk or other products, such as syrup or fruit juice. Just water).It will appeal to children, teenagers, and adults! DETENTIONAL MASTICATION, SALVATION and SMALL BITES are some of the conditions necessary for:

    • Producing essential fluid fats, called brown fats.

    • Reducing inflammation.

    • Cellular regeneration.

    • Reducing cellular oxidation.

This RAW food can be eaten in the morning, at midday or in the afternoon, if you work at night. Please read LA MÉTHODE (THE METHOD) published by Éditions du Rocher which has 36 pages dedicated to Miam-ô-Fruit. In it, you will discover the benefits of sunlight, clay, and nutrition, called universal. There are hundreds of people who practice this all over the world. Before sending us any questions, we invite you to read the 36 pages of questions and answers in La Méthode (The Method)..

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